Interschool cultural fest – Synergy 2014-15 by APL Global School, Perungudi

Today, I won first prize in the Interschool cultural fest – Synergy 2014-15, conducted by APL Global School, Perungudi, Chennai.

I loved the trophy given by them. The topic of the On-the-spot drawing competition was ‘Mother Earth’.


7 thoughts on “Interschool cultural fest – Synergy 2014-15 by APL Global School, Perungudi

  1. how do u know the competitions??
    pls reply megna

    • Interschool contests, through school, many of the Chennai contests through newspapers and websites. My mother finds them for me. She has a website too in which she publishes information about the contests she comes across –

      International contests, you can find by searching for International Art Competitions for children in Google.

  2. Lalitha padagal says:

    Hi megna This is Dr. Lalitha. I’m a great fan of your drawings. Can I talk to you. How. Even my son s a artist

  3. Lalitha padagal says:

    How do you get so many concepts

  4. Lalitha padagal says:

    Pl . can I get ur no

  5. sabaa dilshad says:

    meghna hey I am a student of apl 6th grade I want to know which year did you get this award. I am excited about your reply because I really wanna know do the teachers know you still and why did you change your school?

    • Hello Sabaa, I am not a student of APL global… This was an interschool competition and my school Schram Academy too participated.. I was part of the school team who came to APL for Synergy Inter school fest…

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