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School Project : Biology | Insectivores Plants

This is my school project for class 7 Biology on the topic Insectivores Plants. Insectivores Plants are plants that derive all their nutrients by trapping and consuming insects. I have shortly described about some of these insectivores plants like pitcher plant, Sundew Plant, Venus Flytrap and Cobra Lilly for this project. I liked this activity […] Continue reading →

My 7th Std Art Book Drawings & Paintings

My 7th Std Art Book Drawings & Paintings. These paintings are just rough sketches done in the art note book at school. Object drawing, pencil shading, pen drawing, cartoon sketch, shapes drawing etc. My Art Note Front Page Design: Other Contents: Primary Colours Mixing & 3D Shapes Drawing Object Drawing & Pencil Shading Cartoon Drawing […] Continue reading →