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Save Every Drop of Water Poster Making

A very relevant topic is given for English Poster making for Class X in my school “Save Water”. In Chennai’s current scenario, every drop of water is very important. Not only Chennai, all over the world, the situation will be very severe in coming years. In many places, people have started thinking about the zero […] Continue reading →

Some Diagrams for Biology CBSE Class 8

Here are some Diagrams for Biology CBSE Class 8. I drew it for my Biology Notebooks last year. Root Nodules of Leguminous Plants Diagram: The root nodules of leguminous plants contain nitrogen fixing bacteria called rhizobia, which helps in fixing the atmospheric nitrogen. Diagrams of Amoeba and Protozoa: Euglena (Protozoa) and Virus Diagrams: Two Types […] Continue reading →

Agricultural Implements Pencil Diagram

Agricultural Implements Pencil Diagram drawn by me for my Std VIII Biology. Weeding Trowel, Hot Weeding, Sickle Harvesting and Plough for preparation of fields. Weeding Trowel is for removing deep rooted weeds. A sickle is a curved, hand-held agricultural tool used for harvesting cereal crops or cutting grass or hay. Continue reading →

Tamil Speech on Diwali

My Third Language at School is Tamil. And I was asked to speak a few lines about my favourite festival. Since Tamil is not my mother tongue, I found it a bit tough to frame good sentences. Finally with the help of my friend Giridarshini’s mother Komala Aunty, I made this very short speech in […] Continue reading →

Court Scene Roleplay Script for Class 8 Civics

This is the script of a roleplay based on a courtscene done by me and my friends for a Civics project at school for the chapter- The Indian Judiciary. Here goes… Mock Court Trial: The Case of the Missing Necklace Cast: JUDGE-J Prosecutor(victim side)-P Defendant(offender side)-D Victim-V Offender-O Clerk Witness-W Script: Clerk:This honourable court of […] Continue reading →