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Tamil Speech on Diwali

My Third Language at School is Tamil. And I was asked to speak a few lines about my favourite festival. Since Tamil is not my mother tongue, I found it a bit tough to frame good sentences. Finally with the help of my friend Giridarshini’s mother Komala Aunty, I made this very short speech in […] Continue reading →

Court Scene Roleplay Script for Class 8 Civics

This is the script of a roleplay based on a courtscene done by me and my friends for a Civics project at school for the chapter- The Indian Judiciary. Here goes… Mock Court Trial: The Case of the Missing Necklace Cast: JUDGE-J Prosecutor(victim side)-P Defendant(offender side)-D Victim-V Offender-O Clerk Witness-W Script: Clerk:This honourable court of […] Continue reading →

School Project : Biology | Insectivores Plants

This is my school project for class 7 Biology on the topic Insectivores Plants. Insectivores Plants are plants that derive all their nutrients by trapping and consuming insects. I have shortly described about some of these insectivores plants like pitcher plant, Sundew Plant, Venus Flytrap and Cobra Lilly for this project. I liked this activity […] Continue reading →