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Vishu Watercolor Painting Demo Videos

Kani Kaanum Neram Kamala Nethrante …. …. Vishu Festival is coming. This Vishu painting was done by me last year during Vishu and couldn’t publish the video till now. Atlast I managed to upload them in parts. As a first timer in recording and editing videos, there will be a lot of shortcomings in these […] Continue reading →

Waterfalls Water Color Painting Video

Waterfalls Nature Water Color Painting Video done by me. This video contains step by step pictures of this watercolor painting of a forest waterfalls. Simple technique used, may not be up to perfection. Please bear with the shortcomings. Needs to understand more video techniques too 🙂 Things Needed : Water Color Sheet, Artist Water Colors, […] Continue reading →

Life Giving Tree Story Telling Video

I have just finished telling a story about a Life Giving Tree Story. The video of my story telling is now uploaded on Youtube. Sorry for the not so good sound, hope to improve in the forthcoming videos. Life Giving Tree is a story I recently read in a book. Thank You for Watching !!!! Continue reading →