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Send Independence Day 2014 sms to your friends

1.Independent India now turns to be progressive India. Thanking all the freedom fighters of the proud nation. 2. Proud to be an Indian hinduIsm jaiNism budDism sikhIsm islAm 3.Let your heart bask in free spirit…….. Let your soul soar high….. With the essence of freedom……….. Happy Independence Day! 4.Our life is full of colours…… I […] Continue reading →

Vishu 2014 – Vishu Kani

Vishu celebrated in a good manner at my home today. My mother kept the Vishu Kani with all the vegetables and fruits. Kanikonna was giving a golden colour for the Vishu Kani. Our small Krishna idol was decorated. My mother had used Gold and silver along with Kasavu Mundu, mirror, sindoora cheppu for the Vishu […] Continue reading →

Precautions While Bursting Crackers for Diwali

1)We should burst crackers only with our parents. 2)Always carry a bucket of water while you burst crackers. 3)Do not disturb your parents while they burst crackers. 4)Keep safe distance from crackers. 5)Wash your hands after bursting crackers. 6)Crackers are also dangerous. 7)We should burst crackers in an open place or a playground. 8)If we […] Continue reading →