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A Small Story by Meghna

One day, I was cycling on the road. I saw a small girl crying on the pavement. I cycled as fast as possible. I asked her, “what is the matter?”. She told me that she was walking with her parents and now she was lost. She also told me that they had warned her several […] Continue reading →

Precautions While Bursting Crackers for Diwali

1)We should burst crackers only with our parents. 2)Always carry a bucket of water while you burst crackers. 3)Do not disturb your parents while they burst crackers. 4)Keep safe distance from crackers. 5)Wash your hands after bursting crackers. 6)Crackers are also dangerous. 7)We should burst crackers in an open place or a playground. 8)If we […] Continue reading →

Sweety, My Pet

Sweety is my pet. I Love her very much. Do you want to hear pet Sweety’s song? If you want to hear my pet’s song, here it is: “Sweety, Sweety, don’t go to the forest, Or Else, some wild animals would catch you and they will eat you! Please don’t go there, Sweety. Or Else, […] Continue reading →

Our Trip to Ooty

On August 13 we went Coimbatore.At the new bus stop,we waited for the bus which goes to Ooty.We waited and waited,till we got angry.There was a big crowd at the bus stop.We were standing in a queue there. We got angry and got a taxi. The taxi driver told us that he will take us […] Continue reading →

Our Trip to Bekal Fort, Kasargod

On August 11,I and my parents went to Kasargod. There, we went to Bekal Fort by bus. It was very beautiful when we viewed from the top. It felt very cool when we looked through the openings on the wall of the fort. We saw the sea,coconut trees, houses, buildings. Then we took photos of […] Continue reading →

Our Trip to Mangalore

In August, I and my father and my mother went to Chennai Central for going to Mangalore.We waited for the train and after sometime the train came and we got into it,looking for the seat.We found the seat and sat. After sometime the train left.Then I opened my bag took my Tinkle,the comic book and […] Continue reading →