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Biology : Nitrogen Fixation Diagram for Std 8

Nitrogen is essential for both plants and animals for their growth and development. Nitrogen fixation is the process by which nitrogen in the atmosphere is converted into ammonia by bacteria like Rhizobium, Azotobacter, etc. Rhizobium is a type of bacteria which helps in nitrogen fixation. They live on roots of leguminous plants like beans and […] Continue reading →

Article Essay On Volcanoes for Std VII

This Article Essay On Volcanoes was prepared by me when I was in Std VII for my Social Science Project. Volcanoes A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up, eruptions occur. Gases and rock shoot up through the opening […] Continue reading →


THE LIFE CYCLE OF A FROG – a composition for English in school – written by Meghna. “The adult frog first lays eggs in a pond or in any other water body. After a few weeks ,the eggs hatch and it changes into a tadpole. A tadpole is a small worm. It has a long […] Continue reading →