Precautions While Bursting Crackers for Diwali

1)We should burst crackers only with our parents. 2)Always carry a bucket of water while you burst crackers. 3)Do not disturb your parents while they burst crackers. 4)Keep safe distance from crackers. 5)Wash your hands after bursting crackers. 6)Crackers are also dangerous. 7)We should burst crackers in an open place or a playground. 8)If we […] Continue reading →

UNESCO UNGEI Drawing Contest 2011 Public Voting

Meghna had participated in the UNESCO UNGEI (United Nations Girls Education Initiative) Drawing Contest 2011 on boys’ and girls’ equality in education!. More than 3000 drawings from 24 countries were received at the UNESCO Bangkok office from 24 countries in the Asia – Pacific Region. Now, two drawings from each country are short listed for […] Continue reading →

Sweety, My Pet

Sweety is my pet. I Love her very much. Do you want to hear pet Sweety’s song? If you want to hear my pet’s song, here it is: “Sweety, Sweety, don’t go to the forest, Or Else, some wild animals would catch you and they will eat you! Please don’t go there, Sweety. Or Else, […] Continue reading →