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Bharathanatyam Dancer Pencil Sketch

Bharathanatyam Dancer Pencil Sketch…Used a reference picture for this sketch in art class…Master asked me to continue with pencil sketches for the time being to improve human anatomy drawings. So this picture is done with a reference picture in a sketch book. I am doing another sketch of a Bharathanatyam dancer because I love to […] Continue reading →

My First Self Portrait : Myself as a Baby

My First Self Portrait “Myself as a Baby”. Medium : Graphite Pencils on Drawing Paper Pencil Shading is not new to me, but I have rarely done Portraits. This is officially my first self portrait. Done using my childhood photo as reference. I am trying to improve my drawing methods, especially human figures, which I […] Continue reading →

Colorful Thoughts!!! Abstract Painting

My original abstract painting : Colorful Thoughts. This painting is done for Diritti-a-colori International painting contest. Medium : Prisma Pencil Colors Just the colorful expression. I painted whatever that came in my mind. Inspiration from 3peel at Berserk. In that workshop at Bangalore, we used paints, but this painting is done using Prisma Pencil colors. […] Continue reading →

My 7th Std Art Book Drawings & Paintings

My 7th Std Art Book Drawings & Paintings. These paintings are just rough sketches done in the art note book at school. Object drawing, pencil shading, pen drawing, cartoon sketch, shapes drawing etc. My Art Note Front Page Design: Other Contents: Primary Colours Mixing & 3D Shapes Drawing Object Drawing & Pencil Shading Cartoon Drawing […] Continue reading →