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How can you make holidays interesting?

During normal working days, when we have to go to school and other classes etc., we usually dream of the upcoming holidays and crave for it. Those who go to  places like hill stations, native places or even abroad, won’t be feeling bored.  But still there are few who don’t go anywhere for their holidays…they […] Continue reading →

My Tips for Writing Exams Well !!

EXAMS….AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!! Does anyone like exams? Of course, no one would like exams. Even I don’t like exams at all. But, however, we have to write exams to get a good job in future. Learning for exams is tough right? I know the reasons why everyone dislikes exams. Some reasons are: 1. You have to learn […] Continue reading →

How to Play UNO- A Card Game

Card games are a craze for all. We all love playing card games. UNO is also a card game. I love playing UNO with my family. There are different types of UNO cards and there are different ways of playing it. UNO cards were developed by Merle Robbins, an Ohio Barbershop Owner. A pack of […] Continue reading →

How to play kids games online

Do you want to play online games on the Internet? Well, that’s very easy if you want to! As you know there are lot of and different kinds and types of games on the Internet. I usually play my favourite games in the game site called This game site has a lot of games […] Continue reading →