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Portrait Paintings

Kathakali Painting | Acrylic on Canvas Board

Feeling So Happy !! My latest work ..Took about 4 months to complete… #thePaintingThatTestedMyPatience!!😎😎😢😣😣 Title: “Kathakali” Acrylic on Canvas Board 18 x 24 inches Thank you Kannan Sir for all the guidance… Learned to do more detailed work with acrylic.. It has been a very long work for this painting, with so many minute details […] Continue reading β†’

Mother Teresa Pencil Sketch

“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa Pencil Sketch done by me recently. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and was awarded with Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize and Nobel Peace Prize. She was canonised in Vatican City by Pope Francis on her death anniversary (Sep 5, 2016). This pencil sketch is my trial […] Continue reading β†’

Baby Portrait Sketch Drawing

Baby Portrait Sketch Drawing done by me in drawing class. Used reference picture from a sketch book for this drawing. Pencil shading pictures always have a beauty and I started doing pencil sketches as part of my training in art on the advice of my drawing master Shri. Kannan Sir. He wants me to improve […] Continue reading β†’