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The Indian Traditional Game of Kith-Kith Painting

Kith-Kith is an Indian traditional game similar to Hopscotch, played by most children in our country. It is known by various names in different states of India like Stapu, Ekhat-Dukhat, Paandi (Tamilnadu), Chirpi (Maharashtra), Kunte Bille (Karnataka), Tokkudu Billa in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, Ekka Dukka in Bengal and Khane in Kashmir. The players must […] Continue reading β†’

6th GreenBees Drawing Contest 2013

Meghna won 6th GreenBees Drawing Contest 2013 held online. The competition was conducted by Greenbees, France. This contest was aimed at promoting discussions about cultural diversity through the creation of drawings. Meghna is a winner in the 7-8 age category. The organization received more than 250 drawings from various countries like Algeria, France, Peru, Philippines, […] Continue reading β†’