Kerala Village Home Backyard | Cheruthana, Alappuzha

Kerala Village Home Backyard. Cheruthana near Haripad in Alappuzha District of Kerala. Typical Village home with Serpent Gods in Kavu where Annual Pooja is conducted. We can hear Birds Chirping, so many Fallen Fruits like Anjili chakka, mangoes, cashew fruits etc. in the backyard of my home. There are many Banana Plants, Coconut trees, Mango […] Continue reading →

Some Diagrams for Biology CBSE Class 8

Here are some Diagrams for Biology CBSE Class 8. I drew it for my Biology Notebooks last year. Root Nodules of Leguminous Plants Diagram: The root nodules of leguminous plants contain nitrogen fixing bacteria called rhizobia, which helps in fixing the atmospheric nitrogen. Diagrams of Amoeba and Protozoa: Euglena (Protozoa) and Virus Diagrams: Two Types […] Continue reading →

Biology : Nitrogen Fixation Diagram for Std 8

Nitrogen is essential for both plants and animals for their growth and development. Nitrogen fixation is the process by which nitrogen in the atmosphere is converted into ammonia by bacteria like Rhizobium, Azotobacter, etc. Rhizobium is a type of bacteria which helps in nitrogen fixation. They live on roots of leguminous plants like beans and […] Continue reading →