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Pencil Colour Paintings

Mahabharatha Series – Painting – 1 | Nara-Narayana | Arjun & Sri Krishna Drawing

Drawing inspiration from the epic Mahabharatha, decided to do some painting works on various characters and events of the most popular epic of India. So this is the first one of the series Mahabharatha Paintings. Theme : ‘Nara-Narayana’  My latest work on the Divine Pair of Mahabharata..Arjun & Sri Krishna Painting.☺😊😊.. Medium : Prisma Colour […] Continue reading β†’

Road Safety Poster Painting

Road Safety Poster Painting done by me for an exhibition at Anna University last year. Our school team won 2nd place in the exhibition. This poster was one of the displays from our school in the exhibition dedicated to Road Safety and Traffic Rules Awareness. The poster aims to create awareness about encroachment on pedestrian […] Continue reading β†’

Colorful Thoughts!!! Abstract Painting

My original abstract painting : Colorful Thoughts. This painting is done for Diritti-a-colori International painting contest. Medium : Prisma Pencil Colors Just the colorful expression. I painted whatever that came in my mind. Inspiration from 3peel at Berserk. In that workshop at Bangalore, we used paints, but this painting is done using Prisma Pencil colors. […] Continue reading β†’