8 thoughts on “Traditional Occupations of My Country Drawing

  1. dear madam , how you get the Goleşti Museum – INTERNATIONAL PAINTING COMPETITION FOR CHILDREN – Romania results.because my daughter also participate in the contest. so please send the details

    • Dear Madam, I have sent a mail to you with the result details. Pls chk ur mail

      • sir, my son participated in the romanian drawing competation. please let me know the result. thank u.

      • Yriy Golubtsov says:

        Dear Admin, hello. My daughter Golubtsova Anna (Russia) participated in the contest 5 international contest of drawing and painting, please send the results of the competition by email.

        • Hello Yriy Golubtsov,

          I have sent the details I got from the organizers to you already. Please check your mail. And I am also just a participant of this contest. Regards Meghna

  2. good evening
    my son participated in the competation. want to known the result. please send me the mail with the results. thank you.

  3. Yriy Golubtsov says:

    My daughter uchastvova 5-th International contest of drawing and painting. I ask you to send the results of the competition.

  4. NEERAJ GUPTA says:

    dear sir/madam..my son raamaansh gupta has participated in your reputed painting competition” traditional occupation in my country”..he made the painting of ”gurukaal”..which is india’s ancient occupation in respect of education..unable to trace out the result..kindly mail the result..his age is 8 yr old..he is from india..

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