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Pongal Festival Painting | Water Colour

This painting of Pongal Festival is done for greeting friends on Pongal last year. Forgot to post this painting in the website during Pongal festival. Medium : Water Color on Paper Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamilnadu and is celebrated with great festivities especially in villages. Pongal is celebrated with making Pongal in mud […] Continue reading →

12th Birthday Wishes for Me

Today is my 12th Birthday. I was born on 4th of May, 2004. This time I got so many wishes from friends and relatives. I would like to share my Ammamma’s (Grandmother), Mother’s and Chitta’s (Aunt) Birthday Wishes. Ammamma’s Wishes Oh…my dear molu….. I thought that the happiest day of my life Was the one […] Continue reading →

My 11th Birthday

My 11th birthday was a very calm day this year. This is the first time there was no party. Last 2 years were gala events, with so many of my friends coming for my birthday party at home. This years birthday is special for the reason that My Date of birth and my birth star […] Continue reading →

My Onam 2014

We celebrated Onam on Sunday. Made pookalam, had a grand feast, which my mother made, wore new dress. Here is my pookalam. We bought the flowers from Koyambedu market and I made the Pookalam. Here is my big Pookalam for Onam. Me, mom and my dad prepared the flowers for making the pookalam. There was […] Continue reading →