Today, I had visited Mylapore to watch a dance program ‘Thejas Bala Natyotsav’. It is the Navaratri time. As usual the North Mada Street had its usual array of makeshift clothes, jewellery and bag shops.

But in addition to all that, I was mesmerised at once by the beautiful arrangement of GOLU DOLLS that shopkeepers had on display. Literally the whole street had a long line of these beautiful displays. The displays had enough buyers to admire and bargain prices over them.

There were every variety of dolls an Indian could imagine: different postures of Shiva, Mahavishnu, Krishna, Ganesha and especially, the Goddess, on whom this festival is all about. There were dolls portraying a marriage scene, and various mythological stories like the churning of the Ocean, the slaying of Mahishasura, the Dashavataras, Yashoda scolding Baby Krishna, Arjuna and Parthasarathy, Krishna’s Rasa Leela and much, much more..

It is definitely worth a visit and will surely tempt you to buy atleast few dolls even if you don’t plan to keep a Golu display at your home because, each and every doll is perfected and made beautiful by intricate and painstaking painting work. I have also noticed that, each year the different ideas, themes and varieties improve and become more classic.

More Photos of Navaratri Golu Dolls Mylapore

A Wondrous Display of Golu Dolls at Mylapore

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