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May 2017 Vacation at Cheruthana

My May 2017 Summer Vacation at my home Cheruthana in Alappuzha district of Kerala. I was there for the past few days on vacation. As this is summer time, it was very hot there too. But some rains in the evening brought down the temperatures. Cheruthana is my father’s place near Haripad town. This is […] Continue reading →

Tasty Thoughts on Indian Street Foods

Indian Street Food – thinking of the colourful food items you find on street side shops? Some look very delicious, right? In India, street food is also diverse as our country is. Different regions have a vast variety of food on offer in the streets. Mumbai and Pune offer street food specialties like Vada Pav, […] Continue reading →


On 3rd April 2014, I went to Queensland with my family. It was in the morning that my father decided to go to Queensland. I love Queensland. It is an amazing theme park with lots of rides. Then we packed everything and my dad drove our car to Queensland. About an hour later, we reached […] Continue reading →

Our Trip to Ooty

On August 13 we went Coimbatore.At the new bus stop,we waited for the bus which goes to Ooty.We waited and waited,till we got angry.There was a big crowd at the bus stop.We were standing in a queue there. We got angry and got a taxi. The taxi driver told us that he will take us […] Continue reading →