On 17 June 2019, we prepared ourselves to visit the Trick Art Museum at ECR, Chennai. The museum was a  part of the VGP Snow Kingdom. We were all excited when we reached there by the school bus. We took few group photos and spent some time happily. The we were called in batches to enter the museum.

We all were amazed at the beautiful 3D paintings displayed there. You could be eaten by an alligator, take a selfie with a gorilla, play ball with dolphins, go for boating in Venice, take pictures underwater with dolphins, fight kalari and do many more interesting things.

We enjoyed posing with these paintings for Femila Mam’s phone and she clicked photo after photo. Thankfully she was patient enough to click all our photos.

Then we were taken to the wax museum. When we entered the hall, there were a lot of excited voices because there is a wax statue of MS Dhoni. All his fans rushed to take pictures with his life size wax model.The room was filled with creepy, life-like statues of Amitabh Bachchan, Charlie Chaplin, Mother Teresa, Monalisa, Michael Jackson and Kamal Haasan. I couldn’t really believe that all the models were made of wax. We took photos with each of them and came out of the room.

Then we played virtual cricket and watched a 3D show. After lunch, we departed back to school. And that was the end of our enjoyable 10th Std Field Trip !!!

Field Trip to the Trick Art Museum, ECR, Chennai
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