Once upon a time, there lived a magician called George Antony. He had performed many magic shows. He was a very famous magician.

George had a dog name Danny and a cat named Snowy. Danny and Snowy had helped him in many magic shows. One day, Danny fell ill. So George and Snowy took him to the nearby clinic. There the doctor gave him medicines. Then they went home.

But there was nothing to eat for dinner. So George and Snowy gave Danny his medicines on time and went to the market to buy some thing for dinner.

When they were coming back, a giant called Takshasa came. When her footsteps were heard, all the people there started running helter-skelter. But George was brave. He did not run here and there. He just stood there without any fear.

Then Takshasa said, ‘I am going to eat you!’ But George still did not fear. Suddenly, he took Snowy in his hands and just ran under the giant’s feet! All the people there were surprised! And that is how clever George Antony saved his pet cat Snowy and himself from the evil Takshasa!

George and his bravery – Story by Meghna
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