Once upon a time, there lived an angel in a forest. Her name was Sarah. She was not an ordinary angel as you think. She was a magical angel. She had a magical horse called Cara as her vehicle.

One day, as Sarah was roaming around in the forest with Cara, the king lion, Sher Khan came. He was a very ferocious lion.

Suddenly Sher Khan pounced on Cara. Cara was frightened and she fainted. Sarah was very scared now. Sher Khan took Cara to his cave. Sarah sadly went home.

She suddenly thought,’I should take revenge.I need Cara as much as my life. I shall use my powers on Sher Khan.’

So Sarah went to Sher Khan’s den and called out,”Hey Sher Khan, give back my Cara. Or else I shall use my powers on you!”.

‘Sher Khan became scared now. He thought that Sarah had called all the animals of the forest to take revenge on him. So with a heavy heart, he took Cara from his storeroom to give back to Sarah.

When he came out, there was no one. Only Sarah was standing there. But even though only Sarah was there she used her magic and so Sher Khan became a stone! Then Sarah took Cara from Sher Khan’s hands. But still, Cara was unconscious. She did not recover from her shock. So Sarah used her magic and Cara came to life! Again there was life and happiness in the two, Sarah and Cara!

THE MAGICAL ANGEL – Story by Meghna
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