Today was our second field trip of the year. We went to VICTORIA MEMORIAL BLIND SCHOOL at Poonamalle. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning.Then I got ready and went to my bus stop to catch my bus.

The bus came and I caught my seat next to Meera, my bus friend. We both kept our bags on the top. We usually keep our bags there. Then we started to talk about the field trip and other things.

After half an hour we reached our school. We and other children sat in the pit for some time. Then the teacher told us to go to our class. We went and sat in our class. After some time, everyone came. We all went to our bus for the trip at 9:40. We reached the blind school at 10:05. We got out of the bus and went inside.

We gave all the blind children, aunties and uncles chocolates, sweets, biscuits, small gifts etc. All of them were very happy to get the gifts. We all felt very sad seeing their difficulty. We also felt happy that we gave them something. One blind aunty asked us to come inside and sing our prayer song for her. We sang it and she kissed mine and Narthana’s hand saying that the song was beautiful.

Then we saw blind people making towels,writing exams etc. Then we understood that even if they are blind they have a special talent. And one more thing, they are so clean, so thankful and cheerful.

Then we went back to our bus and ate our snacks. Then on the way back, we saw Porur lake. It was so beautiful that we all felt like swimming in it. Then we reached our school.

I was tired from the trip that I slept for sometime in the class. Then when it was home period, my friends woke me up and I and Meera went to our bus to keep our bags.Then Rekha mam took the attendance.I reached my home safely without getting lost anywhere. It was a jolly day for me!

After I returned home, I searched in Wikipedia about the school and found that the Great Helen Keller had visited the blind school. I am very happy that I visited a place where the  famous author had also visited.

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