37th Chennai Book Fair Drawing Competition 2014

Meghna won 3rd Prize in the 37th Chennai Book Fair Drawing Competition held on Jan 12, 2014 at YMCA Grounds, Nandanam. Topic for her age group was ‘Scenery’.

She won a Prize of Rs. 1000/- worth books.

chennai-book-fair-drawing-competition-2014 meghna-atchennai-bookfair-drawing-contest-2014scenery-drawing-contest  meghna-book-fair meghna-book-fair-2014meghna-bookfair

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  1. HI Meghna…,
    Congrats dear…really nice to see ur blog…

    Thats a blessed talent God has given u…..

    Moreover Blessed parents to encourage u soo much…

    Im an art teacher n u will b an inspiration to my students n kids…

    Wishing u reach more heights…

    1. Thank you Ma’am.. for your kind words, encouragement and blessings… Meghna’s Mother

  2. Ya grt child my son won 3 prize at postal department last year

  3. Corgratulation Meghna..Keep goin on..

    1. Thank You

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