Once upon a time, there lived a crow called Timmu. He was very fond of fish. But he could not find any fish in his village. So, one day Timmu decided to leave his village and search for fish. So, he left his village and flew until he reached another village.

As Timmu was flying, he saw a man going on a motorcycle with a box of fish at his back. Timmu thought that it was time of luck for him. He knew that it was fish inside the box as he heard the fisherman calling out,” Fish, fish, fresh fish, fish! “

Timmu was very happy at this moment. He flew towards the box and opened the cover with his beak. And what was it? Loads and loads of fish! But to his disappointment there was a crab also. He at once closed the cover. He knew that if he took at least one fish, the crab would strangle his neck and kill him.

So he thought of a plan of getting the fish. Timmu opened the cover once again. Some of the fish were still alive as they were put in the water. Timmu said to one alive fish, ‘ Hey! Won’t you try to escape from here? ‘ The fish said, ‘No brother, I cannot. ‘ Timmu asked, ‘ Why not?’ ‘Because this mean fisher man has caught all of us from our beautiful home, our sea and put us in this stupid box to sell all of us’ said the fish.

Timmu acted like being very sorry for them. He said, ‘ Too bad, too bad’ Then he went to the crab and asked him, ‘ Crab! Are you interested in going to a fresh pond full of water? ‘

The crab said,’ Yes! Yes! Please take me there! I am interested! ‘ Timmu said, ‘ Then you have to promise me that you have to not hurt me and all the fish here. If you promise me that, then I will take you to that pond of fresh water’

The crab said, ‘ Please take me there! I promise whatever you to tell me to do!’ Timmu became very happy. So  he took the crab in his beak  and flew away to  a garbage dump. He threw the crab away  from his beak and the crab went flying in the air and landed in the dump.

The crab became very angry and his face became red with anger. But Timmu did not mind and flew away happily. He went searching for the fisherman and his fish box. He searched every where he could and at last he found them at a tea shop.

The fisherman was drinking some tea and some cool drinks. Timmu went to the cover and opened it. The alive fish whom he talked to before was already dead. Then he took as many fish as he could in his beak and kept them all in a small hole  under a tree. When he was taking the last two fishes, he saw the fisherman coming to fetch his motorcycle.

Timmu left the last two fishes and flew away. Then he went to the hole where he kept all the fish he had collected. He hid all the fish with some grass and some mud, leaves  and  other things he found. He went to search for a cover to keep all the fish and take it to his village. At last, he found one near a supermarket. He took it and went to the hole where he had kept all the fish.

Unfortunately, when he took all the grass out, there was not even a single fish left! How can that happen? Suddenly, he heard a crow laughing at him. Timmu asked him , ‘ Did you take my fish? If you have taken it, please give it back. ‘ The other crow’s name was Ani.

Ani told, ‘ Yes I only took all your fish! Ha ha ha ha ha ! ‘ Timmu got very angry and started fighting with Ani.  From that fight, Timmu was able to get all the fish he had got with great effort and acting because he had won the fight! He became very happy that he could feast on all the fish for a month atleast! So he put all the fish in the cover and went on his way!

Clever Timmu – Story by Meghna
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