I have won a consolation prize for the Charu Castle Foundation, Shimla,  Devbhoomi International Painting Competition 2013. I am awarded with a medal by the foundation in association with Wild Life Wing, Forest Department, Govt. Of Himachal Pradesh.

devbhoomi-painting-competition-2013-medal-1 devbhoomi-painting-competition-2013-medal-2

I drew 5 pictures for the competition. Radha Krishna and the Krishna Paintings are added in http://www.meghnaunni.com/2014/01/champchild-november-mid-contests-winner/
and http://www.meghnaunni.com/2014/03/some-of-meghnas-beautiful-paintings/ The other three are:

Kerala Temple Scene Painting:

Women in Indian Village Painting:

Conch Girl Painting:

Devbhoomi Painting Competition 2013

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