I forgot to post these pictures of our Parents Review Day during the academic year 2013-14. I was in Mridula Ma’am’s Class. She was my class teacher. The dress code for our class was Britishers dress in old days. But don’t mistake. I was speaking about the Computers….. 🙂

Had a gala time in the class. Whenever a set of parents come inside the class, we need to display what we were taught. Me and my friends were talking on various topics that day.

There were many models also on display. Hope you all have seen my painting displayed at the painting exhibition on the same day by the Art department.

Some of my friends were dancing, singing and explaining various models displayed.

And finally, a group photo with my friends. I just loved it. Here we are (from left to right): Adona (my best friend), me, Sherin, Meera, Srimathi and Sharon.

Parents Review Day of Class 4 in 2013-14 at TSA
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