online-games-for-kidsDo you want to play online games on the Internet? Well, that’s very easy if you want to!

As you know there are lot of and different kinds and types of games on the Internet. I usually play my favourite games in the game site called This game site has a lot of games and so many sections of games like brand new games, adventure games, cooking games, racing games, war games, parking games, action games, dress up games…..and it goes on. There are lot of sites like this and this is not the only one with so many games. When I was a little younger, I used to play Dora games and I used to love those games, even now. If you want to play an online game on the net, do the following:


1. Open any web browser. Be it Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google chrome.
2.Click on the search bar and start typing the name of the site or the type of game you want to play.
3.Be patient. It may take some time or the result may come immediately. It depends on the Internet connection of your computer.
4.Select any one site. (You can even open many sites in different tabs.For that, while clicking on the site’s name, hold the control key on your keyboard.)
5. Again be patient. Then when the site appears on the screen, start discovering it. There may be lot of games inside.
6. Click on various games and start playing it. You may love it.
7. If you want to play all those games which you liked in that site again and again, save or bookmark the page.
8. To save or bookmark the page or site, look on the top right corner of your browser. There will be a symbol of a star there. Click it. The page is bookmarked!
9. When you open your browser next time and want to play all those games which you played before, again look at the top right corner of your browser. Next to the star symbol, there will be a bookmark symbol.
Click on that. A menu will appear.Use your keyboard now. Press and hold the control key and after that press the shift key. While pressing the shift key, do not take your finger from the control key. And now press the alphabet key ‘B’. A submenu will appear. All the webpages and sites which you have saved will be shown. Click on any one and it will appear in front of you to allow you to play in it!
10. Did you see how easily you played games online? That is why I told you it is very easy!!

How to play kids games online
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