Our Meeting With Shri. Kailash Satyarthi, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

On the 18th of February, I, my Parents, The Voice of Little Hearts team went to meet The Nobel Peace Prize winner and child rights activist, Shri Kailash Sathyarthi to present my painting as the cover page of the book, Voice of Little Hearts to him and to gift him a copy of Blank Space, the book of inspirational stories.
As soon as we entered his room, he saw me and became happy as he was a child rights activist and he loved children. He immediately led us to a room much bigger than the other one. He asked us to sit down. And he made me to sit right beside him. Then we introduced ourselves and gave a second copy of Blank Space to the Nobel Prize winner. He read a small part of a story in it and told us it was very inspiring.

Then we showed my painting to him and explained that it was going to be the cover page of Propel Steps upcoming project, Voice of Little Hearts. He admired the painting’s beauty and asked me to explain the painting. I explained it the proper way and he understood every word I said and he said that I was great. Then he told his assistant to bring tea and snacks for us. He was a very kind person and I liked him a lot.

He asked me to tell a story. I started to think and he told me to think while Dinesh uncle explained what Propel Steps was and other things. I liked the way he talked kindly to others. When they finished talking, I was still thinking. Then he reminded me of the story-telling. I told him that I read lot of books but I don’t have the talent to tell the story.
Satyarthi Sir nodded his head and started telling a story. It started like a girl who lived in Chennai saw the beautiful world and started painting her mind on a piece of paper and turned out to be an artist. At last he asked me who the girl was. I nodded my head and he told that the girl was me. Everyone started laughing. I also started laughing.

Then we asked for an autograph on the canvas board on which the painting is glued. He wrote, ‘Dear Meghna, you are the most beautiful gift of God.’ And he gave his signature at the bottom. Then we took out the framed painting of mine and presented it to him. Then he called his assistant to take a photo of me giving the painting to him and also all of us. It was a very great moment of my life.

The sentence he used while he was talking to us was, ‘You all are really great and very inspiring!’

Our Meeting With Shri. Kailash Satyarthi, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
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