Happy Teachers Day 2015 to all my dear Teachers.

“The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.” — Happy Teachers Day to all my dear teachers..Bindu Mam, Rajani Mam, Ramani Mam, Kavitha Mam, Deepa Mam, Vinodhini Mam, Mrudula Mam, Latha Mam, Priyachitra Mam, Sajna Mam, Bhuvana Mam, Sharon Mam, Beryl Mam, Uma Mam, Usha Mam and all other teachers of my school… This Poster is done by me for my class… 🙂

I also thank and wishes my Drawing teacher Shri. Kannan sir, my previous art teacher Shri. R. Rajendran for guiding me through my art lessons.

Expressing my Teachers Day wishes to my Dance Teacher Smt. Sheela Unnikrishnan and my previous Dance Teacher Smt. Yogeswary Savariraj. And my wishes to my senior akkas at Sri Devi Nrityalaya.

Happy Teachers Day 2015 to all my dear Teachers
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