My Art Work Station; After Painting with acrylic paints, my table looked like this. Loved the colourful palette, acrylic tubes and small colourful bottles.

I am used to painting sitting on the floor, it is easy to spread things and work. As this was a small canvas I was working on to present to Giridarshini, my best friend in my dance class, Sridevi Nrithyalaya, thought of doing it on the table.

Acrylic Paints were not my cup of tea until 6 months back. My art Master Kannan Sir introduced me to acrylic medium for a competition. At first I didn’t get the method right. But now feel more comfortable with Acrylic. Started using them on canvas 3 months back. I love the bright colours acrylic paints give both on paper and canvas.

After Painting with Acrylic ; My Art Workstation
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