This is the script of a roleplay based on a courtscene done by me and my friends for a Civics project at school for the chapter- The Indian Judiciary. Here goes…

Mock Court Trial: The Case of the Missing Necklace


Prosecutor(victim side)-P
Defendant(offender side)-D


This honourable court of class 8 B of the Schram Academy, Chennai with the Honourable Justice Miss/Mr.J is now in session. Now the judge enters. All rise.

You may be seated.

Clerk: Your Honour, this is the case of robbery of Miss V’s diamond necklace.

Prosecutor: I, P, represent Miss V, the petitioner.

Defendant: I, D, represent Miss O, the defendant.

Prosecutor: Your Honour, my client Miss V’s diamond necklace is missing from her house. She suspects her maidservant, Miss O, for having stolen it.

Defendant: Objection, Your Honour! My client, Miss O is innocent until proven guilty.

Judge: Objection sustained.

Defendant: Miss V, did you see Miss O stealing your necklace?

Victim: No, I did not. But I strongly suspect that she has stolen my necklace because she is the only maid who enters my room.

Judge: The Prosecution may call its witness.

Prosecutor: What is your name?

Witness: My name is W.

Prosecutor: Where do you work?

Witness: I work as one of the two maidservants for Madam V.

Prosecutor: Did you see Miss O stealing the necklace?

Witness: Yes, I saw her entering Madam V’s room and return after 5 minutes with something shining in her hand.

Defendant: Objection, Your Honour!

Judge: Objection sustained.

Defendant: Your Honour, the item described by the witness need not necessarily be the necklace. It can also be some other item.

Prosecutor: Miss W, did you see the object in Miss O’s hand clearly?

Witness: Yes, I saw it clearly. I am sure it was the diamond necklace.

Prosecutor: The point may be noted. Thats all, your Honour.

Judge: Do you have any question to the witness? (to D)

Defendant: No, Your Honour.

Judge: Do you have anything to say before the court? ( to O)

Offender: Your Honour, I have not stolen Madam’s necklace and I am innocent.I am paid good salary and therefore need not steal anything.

Judge: But the evidence has proven you guilty. Therefore, this court sentences you 1 year imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 5000. The court is adjourned.

All together: THANK YOU.

Court Scene Roleplay Script for Class 8 Civics

2 thoughts on “Court Scene Roleplay Script for Class 8 Civics

  • October 20, 2023 at 12:21 pm

    Plz make script on real court scene play is should have one judge one criminal one defense and two lawyers and one eye victim

    • October 21, 2023 at 2:23 pm

      This is done 6 years back when i was in class 8. It is not possible for me to make anything new now…I posted it for others reference.


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