My Speech on Patriotism for Std VIII. This speech was prepared for my Social Science Speech this year in Class 8. Hope this is helpful to you all too.

Patriotism: A forgotten spirit in India ?

“Who is here so vile that will not love his country?”

I would like to begin with a question, “How significant is the word PATRIOTISM to you?” Does it mean showing our overflowing love for your country when it wins a cricket match? Or does it mean an NRI sitting in front of the TV or the laptop and commenting or applauding a small act of bravery shown on the media! We all need to be awakened to the fact that it has become just another word for us.

To our forefathers who gave their lives to liberate this country, Patriotism meant defending and devotion to ones country: that also means its countrymen irrespective of their caste, creed or culture.

Patriotism is one of the best virtues of men. The feeling of Patriotism is important for the Freedom of a Country. A patriotic person will always be ready to sacrifice his life for the love of his country. A Patriot is immortal.

A true patriot will also be very critical in spirit. He must criticize the country’s policies if they are really detrimental to its interests. The Patriots should not be selfish and self-centered. He should not harbour any hatred for other countries of the world. One should never forget one’s duty towards humanity in general. 

If anyone tries to inject in us the parasite namely caste/religion, this is when we should show our patriotism by the single word “INDIAN.” As Indians we should think of the future of our country. We should sow the seeds of unity and prosperity and not of caste and creed. If we are not doing it, we are preparing a battlefield for the future generation which is sure to be doomed! We should not forget the words of our leaders – United we stand, Divided we fall!

My Speech on Patriotism for Std VIII
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