Knowledge refers to the condition of knowing something.It can guide its owner into doing something productive. Knowledge can be attained by education as well as experience.

As many say, it is true that old people are wiser and more knowledgeable than youngsters, since they have had more years of experience in their life. According to me knowledge into life is life itself, as life is impossible without knowledge. You surely need some basic knowledge about things to live! So knowledge plays a very important role in everyone’s life.

Knowledge is applied in life in various forms like actions, thoughts, ideas etc.

Inside School:
Among youngsters, knowledge is incorporated through education, i.e. schooling, of course. Teachers, textbooks, friends, exams etc., mould the knowledge of a student. Character is also a crucial part of knowledge. If a person’s character is spoiled, then having good knowledge is a waste. Therefore, character and value education is also taught in schools.

The knowledge of a student is measured in the form of exams, class tests, and attitude towards teachers, parents and friends. So remember, your attitude shows your knowledge. For example, in interviews, after checking your educational qualifications, the interviewers see your character and your ability to speak well and clearly, and then only will they think of employing you. Usually, a knowledgeable person will be polite and will know how to behave.

Outside School @ Home:
Knowledge is obtained through many ways outside school too. Reading newspapers, watching good English news channels, educational documentaries on TV instead of useless serials and TV shows are a good source of knowledge. Here, a person’s knowledge is measured through his/her reaction to situations, problem solving skills, communication skills etc.

Basic knowledge of things is really very important in sustaining your life. For example, if you don’t know how to get back the change when you buy something from a shop, the shopkeeper may cheat you by giving you the wrong change. If you are stuck in a disaster like an thunderstorm, the lack of the basic knowledge that you shouldn’t be out in an open ground will take your life. Like this, the list goes on endless.

Without knowledge, the number of skilled people will reduce and the country’s development will slow down and deteriorate. That’s why scholars say that the lack of good educational facilities in India are the things which hinders its development. People don’t have the basic knowledge that throwing waste into the river pollutes it and that it affects them also. This is what makes our country unclean and poverty – stricken.

So the fact that 100% literacy will help in the country’s development is completely right. So study well and make our India proud!

Knowledge into Life : Inside and Outside – School Essay
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