Mamma, My Back is Paining!!!. This is a Narrative on School Bag Overload written by my mother. Written based on my view about overweight school bag when I was in 6th Std.

“Mamma, I am so tired, my neck and shoulders paining”. I just returned from school with a bag load of books,

I feel like sleeping. Not at all possible!! I have so much to do. Home works, Projects – all needs to be submitted tomorrow. Why are the teachers giving all the homework on the same day? I am unable to sleep early. How I wish I could go to bed at least by 9. 30 pm. It affects my concentration and all other activities.

I love to draw, I love to dance, I Love to read. Feeling sad that I am unable to read my favourite books. Needs to go to other classes as well after school hours. But I do not have the energy….

School should have kept a home work time table, so that we will not have home works for all subjects on the same day.

Alas!! Home Work Time table? We are unable to follow the normal school time table also. What is the use of Time table given at the start of the academic year? We have all subjects on all days and have to take all the text books and note books every single day.

Can anybody guess the weight of my school bag. I weighed it the other day. It’s 8 kg and I am just 11 years old !! I need to carry my food and water too.

Many are telling I am lucky to have school education, proper food and all facilities. There are children who do work with out going to school. Yes, I agree with all of them. But please tell me, is carrying an 8 kg and above school bag, daily, is acceptable to you? I am tired and exhausted.

The teachers can at least tell us, what they are going to teach next day, so that we need not carry all the books for the subject. For each subject we have 3-4 books and on any single day, teachers are not teaching all the books or making us write the notes. Mostly only 1 text book, or a grammar book or a note book alone is used. So why should I carry all the load every day? And I have to climb all the way to the second floor to my class room.

It would have been really good if some of the books like the lab manuals, activity books, test notes, art books are kept at school itself.

I don’t know why the schools are not understanding our problem. Some of my friends got neck pain and shoulder pain last week. They had to skip classes. Even I have back pain now. Please, somebody give me and all my friends, a solution to this problem. Otherwise, I am sure, we all will have health problems in the future.

And dear teachers and parents, please help us enjoy our school years with out burdening us like this. We really would like to study, but also would enjoy some free time and caring from you too.

Mamma, My Back is Paining!!! : Narrative on School Bag Overload
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