Mobile Madness makes many accidents and in today’s busy lifestyle every one uses mobile. Though it is a very useful gadget, it causes extreme damage, when it comes to traffic safety. People ignore warning signs, traffic signals, pedestrian crossing, animal crossing etc. while concentrating on mobile phones while driving. Speaking on mobiles will surely affect the drivers concentration leading to Accidents harming themselves and others too.

Mobile Jammers is areas which are accident prone can help to an extent in reducing the use of mobile phones while driving. Though many will say, it is a personal right to use mobile phone, it is not good to be careless during driving. END THE MOBILE MADNESS.

I have used this painting as part of our school’s displays in the Dream Madras Exhibition in Anna University last year. Our school had won 2nd prize there.

Medium : Acrylic

Mobile Jammers in Accident Prone Zones – Traffic Safety Painting

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