A Heart Touching Moral Tale Written by me for my English Composition in Std 8.

“A Doctor hurried to the operation theater to operate on a young man, who was hurt in an accident. The young man’s father, who was pacing up and down the hall, yelled at the Doctor who arrived late for the surgery. The father was very tensed and called the doctor an irresponsible man. The doctor apologized and entered the theater.

After few hours, the door opened and the doctor and the nurse came out with good news. “Your son is saved ! If you have any questions, please ask the nurse! “, the doctor told the father and he left immediately.

The relieved father once more got irritated. “Why can’t he talk to me for a few minutes regarding my son’s condition? Why is he so arrogant ?” Hearing this, tears rolled down from the nurses’s cheeks. She replied, “Yesterday, his son was killed in an accident. Today was the burial. He was called in for your son’s operation during his son’s funeral. He came here immediately to save your son. Now he has hurried because he needs the funeral to be resumed.”

MORAL : Never Judge a book by its cover. You should never decide one’s character by their outlook, beauty, behavior etc., as we can not know what kind of problems they are facing.

A Heart Touching Moral Tale Written for English Composition Std 8
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