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Schramites get influenced by The Missile Man

Maduravoyal: The Schram Academy school at Maduravoyal conducted a Math and Science Exhibition on Teacher’s Day this month. The event, named ” EXPO-14′ ” showcased the hard work and effort put up by the students.The main theme of the Expo was based on the conservation of  resources, i.e., water, air, fuel, energy and land. ” Our resources are getting depleted faster than expected, and many of us do not know it, especially  small kids. We took up this theme since we thought that it was the upcoming generations who need to know about conservation when possible and not making it too unbearable, without water and clean air, ” says the school Principal, Mrs. Stella Punitha. Then came our Former President, DR. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, as the chief guest. He was quite impressed by the innovative ideas brought forward by the students of classes 9-12. Giving a mind blowing speech as usual, he said, ” I would like to see all these kids to be the scientists and developers of our India and make Her  the most rich-in-technology country in the world.” Wishing good luck to all the students and staff there, The Meghna Times would like to congratulate The Schram Academy for being such a creative school.

Schramites Get Influenced by Dr. Kalam | Article Writing

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