Do you believe that there are 7 people out there in the world who look like you? Well, you have no chance of that, unless you have 7 doppelgangers. A doppelganger is someone who looks just like you, basically, ‘a non-biological twin’. Experts believe it’s a paranormal phenomenon while there are real examples to prove it. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

There are chances of finding such people. Many celebrities have found doppelgangers. But some believe it’s a harbringer of bad luck. This concept has been used many times in literature, films and television, usually in a haunting sense. Imagine you are walking on the road. Suddenly you see someone walk past who looks exactly like you. How will you feel? If it was me, I would have certainly dropped to the ground unconscious due to shock or screamed in fright, because films have influenced us in that way. Such a twin person is surely a haunted being or a ghost.

Such curiosity has led to the coming up of sites like and the like. These sites ask you to upload your own photo and the AI machine searches in thousands of other photos to find your look-alike. But they themselves tell that there’s a chance of only 1 in 135 people as a perfectly-matched pair. There are people who have found their doppelgangers! Creepy, isn’t it?

So do you think you really have a doppelganger? Well, I’m not sure about it, but there are many real-life examples. Hmm….?

What is a Doppelganger?
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