Happy Birthday to the most prettiest, perfect, and professional dancer I’ve ever met- Harinie Jeevitha Akka! She is my greatest inspiration, and I am her forever admirer. Her passion and love for dance has helped her sculpt it as her profession, and I haven’t seen many people like that. Being one of the top dancers at SDN, she influences us all with her beautiful grace and flawless dance, everyday.

During the May vacation, I really wanted to gift something special to Harinie Akka on her upcoming birthday, probably a painting. But I didn’t have the courage to do a portrait in paint, especially of someone I knew so well. So, I gave up the idea of a painting, and tried a pencil sketch of a photo of Harinie Akka, which came out only fairly nice. I wasn’t satisfied with it.

So, somehow I managed to start off with this painting of the same photo, on 5 May, 2019. I completed the first base layer in Mumbai (where I was during May), brought it to Chennai, where I found time only to do layer after layer on the canvas board during the days I didn’t have exams at all. It was a routine for me. On the day after finishing the last exam, I would take the painting out and relax by painting it for about two to three days! At last, I managed to finish it properly on 1 January 2020 (Harinie Akka performed a solo on that day! 😛 ) and packed it, all set to gift it on her birthday! She was very happy to see it and that brought me to cloud-nine!

So wishing you a very Happy Birthday again, akka! May you reach more and more greater heights through your passion!!

Happy Birthday Harinie Akka!

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