This is my speech on the topic “Advertisements are Misleading”. The topic was one among the list of topics given to us CBSE 10th std students for the subject enrichment activity for English, in our school. I selected this topic and prepared this speech.

“Good Morning Ma’am and friends, I’m Meghna and my topic today is “Advertisements are Misleading!”. Yes, I am sure that everyone of you would have seen advertisements in Television, on roadside hoardings, news papers and of course through social media too. And you must be aware that not all what those advertisers say are true. Yes, advertisements are misleading and false advertisements is a common problem now a days.

There are many types of false advertisements, one of them being photo-bleaching. Haven’t you seen those ads of facial creams in which a dark skinned woman turn almost white with in a week, using a facial cream? Yes, those before and after pictures definitely look like they have been edited and its unlikely that facial cream can change skin colour drastically in a weeks time.

The next type is the false health claims. Ads are often shown claiming to be healthy, diet-based, low fat, sugar free, contains vitamins or minerals that it in fact does not and chemical free. But it has been scientifically proven that nothing on earth is chemical free. I haven’t seen many products without one preservatives in it.

And there are so many other types of false ads like omitting information or covering their tracks using small print, hidden fees, fillers which increase the legal weight of the product – which happens mostly with food products, exaggerating information etc.

Be smart enough not to believe in such unethical slogans and as a smart consumer, buy only those products whose qualities are claimed to be experienced by those who you know or trust, Not those products which the manufacturers boasts off.

Thank You !!   ”

Speech on the Topic “Advertisements are misleading !”
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