The Frozen films continue to be one of the top movies of all time. The first film Frozen had released in 2013 and its sequel Frozen 2 had released in 2019.

The animators had done an excellently good job in Frozen, as well as in the Frozen shorts, Frozen Fever, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. But in Frozen 2, the animation has improved so much that it has left viewers spellbound.

And as for the story, it shows how the sister duo, Anna and Elsa along with their friends Kristoff, Olaf and Sven embark on a journey to find out answers to many unanswered questions, such as to why Elsa’s hearing voices, or why Elsa has magical powers.

The plot is quite interesting, as it throws light onto few characters who were not shown in detail in the first film, such as Anna and Elsa’s parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. The plot eventually reveals why and where they had went off on a ship and drowned in the sea. There are many new characters too, such as the Northuldrian tribe trapped in the Enchanted Forest along with Arendellian Soldiers, and the movie actually begins with Agnarr recollecting his memories of the past.

As for our heroines, Anna and Elsa, both of them have aged 3 years since the first film. Anna was quite hyper-active and funny when she was 18, now that she’s turned 21, she looks and behaves a bit more mature than earlier. Elsa’s turned 24, and she’s much more free with everyone, especially the citizens of Arendelle. She is desperate to know why she has got special ice powers, when no one in her family line was known to have. Her doubts increase as she starts hearing voices, which she thinks is calling her for something good.

Kristoff has also aged, and looks more mature at 24, and now seeks to propose Anna. And as for our cute Olaf, he has turned 3 years old, and is desperate to grow older and stop worrying about important things. He has also learnt to read and write. And Sven too looks a bit older.

The movie starts with a flashback towards Anna and Elsa’s childhood, where Agnarr explains to them about the Enchanted Forest, and Iduna sings a song to them about a river called Ahtohollan, which is said to contain all the answers of the past. Young Elsa is fascinated by Ahtohollan.

Then the camera turns to the present Elsa, who is still fascinated and desperate to search for Ahtohollan, and learn why she got powers. She also hears a melodious siren, which she feels is calling her.

The citizens celebrate autumn, and at night, Anna and everyone play charades. Elsa hears the voice again, and at night, in her desperation for answers, wakes up the spirits of the Enchanted Forest, which had been subdued for about 36 years. Arendelle is affected gravely, there’s no water, no fire, storms rage and the earth shakes. The only thing Elsa can do as Queen to save her kingdom is to find the voice and get her answers. Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven accompany her, much to her hesitation.

They travel till they reach the Enchanted Forest, and Elsa manages to calm the fire and air spirits. They meet the Northuldrian tribe and trapped Arendellian soldiers and Elsa promises to bring back everything to normal.

They leave Kristoff and Sven and proceed forward, and discover the ruins of their parents’ ship and find out that their parents had tried going to Ahtohollan to find answers about Elsa’s powers. Elsa is devastated, and realises that all her answers are there in Ahtohollan, and she must cross the dangerous Dark Sea to get there. She decides that taking Anna and Olaf along will make things harder and more dangerous. She sends away Anna and Olaf on a boat, and encounters the water spirit in the Dark Sea.

After finally managing to tame Nokk, the water spirit, Nokk takes her to Ahtohollan.

On reaching Ahtohollan, Elsa feels excited to get to know all the answers to her questions. Ahtohollan shows her a lot of memories, from which she finds out that the voice she had been hearing all this time was her own mother’s voice. She realises that she herself was the fifth spirit which she was searching for. Then further she goes deeper and being desperate for answers, jumps into the most dangerous part of Ahtohollan. She finds out that the dam built by her grandfather King Runeard was not a gift to the Northuldrians, but actually a trick. Because of that, the mist had fallen over the forest, trapping everyone inside. Elsa realises that the dam must be destroyed, but before she could make her way out, she freezes. She had gone too far into Ahtohollan. But before she froze, she managed to send a magical message to Anna.

Meanwhile, Anna and Olaf’s boat collapse while they try to escape from the sleeping Earth giants, and they land in a cave. Elsa ‘s message reaches them, and Anna understands that the dam must be destroyed. But the problem was that if the dam broke, then its waters would destroy the kingdom of Arendelle too, since Arendelle and the dam lay on the same fjord. As Anna begins to worry about this, Olaf starts to slowly fade away. He senses that something bad has happened to Elsa. Olaf tells Anna that Elsa might have gone too far and died. Anna couldn’t make herself to believe it, but seeing Olaf’s magic fade away, she realised the terrible truth. She hugged Olaf until he completely faded away. She sat crying for some time, then decides that she has to fulfill what Elsa wanted her to do: destroy the dam. She wakes up the earth giants, and with Kristoff and Sven’s help, lure the huge giants towards the dam. The Arendellian soldiers are also convinced by Anna that by destroying the dam, Arendelle’s future is cleared even though their land will be washed off. Anna almost falls off, but is rescued by Lieutenant Mattias and Kristoff. The dam is destroyed by the giants.

The moment the dam broke, Elsa is resurrected, and the five spirits are restored again. Elsa rushes towards Arendelle on Nokk, and with her ice magic, creates a huge wall and blocks the huge wave of water. Arendelle is saved.

The mist of the Enchanted Forest parts and the people who were trapped inside are set free. Anna is depressed, thinking that Arendelle is washed off, Elsa and Olaf are gone and that she is alone. But then she sees Elsa riding gracefully on Nokk and is shocked to see her. They both hug and Elsa tells her that she is the fifth spirit and that Arendelle is safe. Elsa also tells that Anna now has to become the Queen, since she did the right thing for Arendelle. Elsa also meets Kristoff and Sven, and she resurrects Olaf.

Anna becomes the Queen of Arendelle, and Elsa lives in the Enchanted Forest, as its Protector.

The movie is an excellent one. It has enough of emotions, tension, surprises, beautiful songs, comedy and tragedy. The plot is really amazing. And of course, Anna and Elsa’s dresses are just superb.

How will someone forget the songs? Every single song is really excellent, although my most favourite one is Show Yourself. As shown in the first film, Elsa gets a magical makeover and also a new hairstyle in Show Yourself as she had got in Let It Go.

The film is a must watch for all those who have watched Frozen. This film is sure to delight anyone who believes in magic, sister’s love and faith.

FROZEN 2 Review
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