World Chef is a restaurant-management game available on Google Play Store. The motive of the game is to cook dishes and serve customers, and at the same time, decorate your restaurant.

Unlike other cooking games where time plays a major role, World Chef is not based on time-management. Customers never leave or get angry; once they sit at a table, they won’t leave until their order is completed, or you force them to leave. This makes the game play much easier.

You can buy basic ingredients like flour, tomato, lettuce, meat, eggs, milk etc., at the nearby market. You can also buy and sell ingredients and dishes at the Social Market at your price.

After getting the ingredients, you can cook dishes like patties, steak, salads etc., or other necessary ingredients for main dishes like cheese, bread, sauce etc.

The dishes are cooked by smart chefs whom you buy when the levels progress. The basic ones are the one who bakes bread and makes dough, the one who makes cheese, the one who makes sauce etc. Then it goes on to become the ones special in regional dishes like the Italian chef who makes pizzas, pasta etc., or the Mexican, Indian, Japanese, or Brazilian chefs, which help in making your restaurant with around-the-world cuisines.

When the dishes are ready, you can serve them to the customers waiting at the tables. You can add more tables as the levels progress.

The best part of this game is the decoration. You can find so many beautiful walls, flooring, doors, windows, wall-decor, lamps and many more. You can even find themed decor, for each type of chef. For example, if you consider the Mexican chef, you can find Mexican tables, floors, walls, windows and everything. So you can decorate a room which has a theme or something like that.

The most disappointing thing in this game is the gem jar. You actually earn a lot of gems by serving orders, which can be used for buying many things, but none of them reach your hand directly. Instead they go into the gem jar, which you have to buy with real money. The gems you earn after the jar gets full also doesn’t come to you. It all goes waste. It is a very irritating thing, this gem jar. But there’s no other choice, but to carefully spend your available gems. I’m only on level 11, and I have already lost about 450 gems!

There are many more features in this game which I am yet to explore. You can even invite celebrities to your restaurant, and make them stay in a resort nearby. You can host parties and expand your restaurant also.

Overall, World Chef is a good game. Only if the creators hadn’t been so money-minded, I would have told it is an excellent game!

World Chef: Game Review
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