During this lockdown, many people are sitting at home, telling they feel bored since they have nothing to do. Well, when the initial lockdown started, I thought I’d feel the same, but interestingly, I didn’t.

The main reason for this could be that the lockdown started when my hectic Board Exams got over. In fact, the very next day of the last exam. So, obviously during the exam time I had planned to do so many things during the vacation.

I actually never felt bored during the lockdown, because I found many different things to do. Initially I did all the things I wanted to do earlier, like watch the movies I wanted, clean up my room, start writing a diary, and so on.

So when I’m free, I basically do four things: dance, draw, eat and sleep. Dance practise is done every morning and sometimes in the evening. Drawing is done almost the whole day by me. And you all obviously know when I eat and sleep. Other than these four, I sometimes enter the kitchen and make a delicious lunch (this is self-promo ;-p) or try to make different sweets like halwa, ladoos, and cakes.

Sometimes, I watch movies (something I used to do very rarely in my usual before-lockdown routine) or mythology serials like Ramayan or Mahabharat. I love collecting and writing down interesting facts on Indian Mythology, so I post them sometimes on social media.

In this vacation, I got to connect with many other artists from around the world, something which I’ve never done before. I was invited to to collab work with both young and adult artists. I also conducted a collab which had a theme to work on. It was all very interesting and time-utilising ideas.

I started reading few of the many books in my library, but to be honest, I am not getting time to do it properly. To read books, I really need a peaceful, free atmosphere. If I have an urgent pending work to be done before a deadline, then I don’t get the mood to read.

I also started reciting the Ramayana in the Malayalam language, from the start of the Ramayana month. I’ve never done this either, since I didn’t know Malayalam. I started reciting it this year with the little knowledge of Malayalam letters I had, and now it seems to be getting better. I can read about 2 long pages continuously, which in fact surprised my mom.

In this lock down, I developed a keen interest in drawing, much more than before. Earlier, it wasn’t really done in my full interest, but now, I want to draw so many things that I have a long pending works list.

I also write down my thoughts on paper occasionally, either in my diary or somewhere else. Typing these articles and blogs are also part of it.

These are the things I do to keep myself busy during these days. It’s not at all boring for me, especially since I have nothing to study. I haven’t opened my books since I closed them on March 18th 2020, and I won’t open them until it’s August 5th 2020 too. I know it’s a really very long break, but I don’t miss studying and all. I’m really glad, in fact.

Things I like to do when I’m Free during this Lockdown
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One thought on “Things I like to do when I’m Free during this Lockdown

  • July 28, 2020 at 4:47 pm

    Nice… Enjoy your Vaccation …. Do all things that you can do within the Restrictions of lockdown ….


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