Onam Pookkalam done for 2020 Onam day.

But since the day turned out to be sad as my great Grandmother passed away in Kerala on the same day. Made this pookkalam before the news reached us. So as a mark of respect to her, dedicate these flowers to her. So it is not a happy situation. We didn’t continue with Onam celebration. Just wanted to share the pookalam I worked hard on.

Due to Covid situation, we couldn’t buy more flowers, so used whatever we could get on that day.

So here it is: Pranams to My Great Grand Mother …



Onam Pookkalam 2020 Photos
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One thought on “Onam Pookkalam 2020 Photos

  • June 14, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    Nice..ise dekh ke aapki dadi ki soul ko jarur khushi hui hogi..💖💖💖💕


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