One of my most memorable train moments is passing through the beautiful scene of the Dūdh Sāgar Waterfalls, in the Vasco-Londa Ghat Section, near Goa.😌As the name suggests, the water falling here resembles milk, and during monsoons, it’s an exciting journey to travel through this part, especially in Sleeper Compartments, because you get sprayed with water from the ferocity of the waterfall!😂😍🤗
This work was done two days back as an entry for the CPS Wisteria Interschool Competition, whose theme was: “View from a Train Window”.🙃 And I’m happy to have secured the First place 😌🙏

Glad to realise that such works can also be done using colour pencils and not only acrylic paint 😃

Dūdh Sāgar Waterfalls from a Train Window Painting

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