Greetings to everyone present here. I am going to tell you how fine arts can actually be a life-long passion.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once the child grows up,” said Pablo Picasso. Not everyone has the interest to continue their passions as their career. Sometimes some do want to continue their favourite hobbies or passions in later life, but are forced not to do so. But there are a fair few people who decide to take up their passion as their career and end up being more successful in life than the others who left their passions behind.

Fine arts is one such passion which can definitely go along with your daily life: either as a career itself, or as a hobby or pastime. During days free of tedious work, one can just pick up a brush and paint away! Or dance to relax oneself. Writing poetry can also ease out one’s mind.

It is not necessary that fine arts should only be a pastime and not the main activity in life. It may not be high-earning at times, but achieving happiness is what matters. When someone does what he or she likes the most, it is bound to give him or her utmost satisfaction and happiness. Whereas if you force someone to do something which he or she despises, it leads to failure and more tension in life.

Moreover if you do take up your passion seriously, as a profession,and if you are good in it, then be prepared to lead a happy and successful life! Because if you do your favourite thing over and over again, you are bound to become a master in it, be it art, dance, speech, writing or sports!

So good luck in rightly choosing what your mind really wants. Thank you!

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