So this wasn’t supposed to be this: I just started doodling all of a sudden in the middle of my homework and this is how it turned out to be. Anna is my most favourite character ever: I can relate so much to her sometimes. This doodle of her as Queen somewhat portrays my current condition: situation, she has lots of work to do but still wants to stay happy! You can see that tired expression on her face, yet she manages to smile gracefully for a quick photograph (taken by Kristoff or Olaf, maybe? )

A Queen has many responsibilities and tasks to do. But when things don’t seem good, just do the next right thing! Like how I ease out my mind’s troubles by doodling these adorable sisters occasionally.
P.S. This might not look entirely as Anna from Frozen to some people, because I haven’t actually used any reference picture and I think I made her hair a bit different too.. Anyways, fan-arts need not necessarily look like the original movie characters, do they?

Anna from Frozen Ballpoint Pen Drawing

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