‘Nava Narasimhas of Ahobilam’ Painting Series🙏🏻

✨vaarijaavaaritha bhayay vaneepathi mukhaiswarai mahithaaya mahodhaara malolyasthu mangalam✨

The Deity of Lord Malola Narasimha is in a peaceful form due to the presence of Goddess Lakshmi. ‘Ma’ means Mother Lakshmi and ‘lola’ means beloved. The Supreme Lord Narasimha is the beloved of Lakshmi Devi and hence is glorified as Malola Narasimha.❤️

The shrine is also known as Markonda Lakshmi Kshetra. The Utsava Murthy of Sri Malola Narasimha travels with the Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt.

Lord Narasimha is found seated in a sukhasana posture with left leg folded and right leg dangling down. Lakshmi Devi is seated on His left lap, holding a lotus flower and Her feet are rested on a lotus which sprouts from the Earth.🌸

The Lord has four arms-the upper two hold the Shanku-Chakram (Conch and Discus). The lower right hand is in Abhaya mudra, blessing His devotees and the lower left hand holds His beloved, Goddess Lakshmi. He wears a padhukam on His right foot, depicting that He is ready to travel with the Jeeyar. Adishesha is found at the top of His crown. This idol also has a semi-circular prabhavali (engraved arch) with a kirtimukham (lion face) at the top.🙏🏻

Done using Acrylic paint on Watercolor sheet ❤️


Malola Narasimha Swamy Painting | Ahobilam Nava Narasimha Series – 3

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