Navaratri 2022 Painting Series-6
Devi Radharani, also known as Krishnapriya (beloved of Krishna), Vrindavaneshari (Queen of Vrindavan) and Raseshwari (Queen of Rasa Leela).🙏🏻
Devi Radharani is a major Goddess in Hinduism, known for being the chief consort of Lord Sri Krishna. Radha and Krishna together form one of the most popular worshipped duos in India. Sometimes, She is even considered the Shakti of Lord Krishna, believed to be the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. Here I’ve tried to portray Radha as a simple Gopi, looking mesmerized by the mere thought of Her beloved Krishna. In this series, She represents love, compassion and devotion.❤️

It’s kind of my first time painting such an elaborate costume (with the veil and all lol) and I actually like it so much that I want this skirt in real😩

I know Navaratri has well gone by, but my series is still incomplete, so I’ll be trying to complete it whenever I find time, regardless of the days. Hopefully I can finish them before next Navaratri atleast😮‍💨

Navaratri 2022 | ‘Nava Shaktis’ Painting Series | Day 6 : Radha Rani Devi

One thought on “Navaratri 2022 | ‘Nava Shaktis’ Painting Series | Day 6 : Radha Rani Devi

  • October 24, 2022 at 8:48 am

    श्रीकृष्णप्रिया रास रासेश्वरी ।।
    जय राधामैया।। 💖💖🙏


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