🎶 bharadwaja mahayogi mahapaathaka haariney
thaapaneeya rahasyartha paavanayasthu mangalam 🎶


…9th & last one in my Ahobilam: Nava Narasimha Painting Series!

The main deity of Pavana Narasimha has four hands, the upper two carry the Shankha-Chakram and the lower right in Abhaya mudra, while the lower left embraces Goddess Lakshmi seated on His left thigh. The Lord is seated in the sukhasana posture on Adi Sesha with His left leg folded and the right leg bent at the knee. Lakshmi is seated on the thigh of the Lord with the right hand embracing Lord. Adi Shesha, with his seven hoods spreads above the Lord’s head like an umbrella.

This is the most peaceful form of the Lord amongst the nine Narasimhadeva temples. The Lord here liberates devotees from all the sins of the past and present lives which might have been committed knowingly or unknowingly. Sage Bharadwaja rid himself of the great sin of brahma-hatya at this place.

Done using Acrylic paint on watercolor sheet. Prints available for sale.

Pavana Narasimha Swamy Painting | Ahobilam Nava Narasimha Series – 9

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