A new adventure-starting with our auspicious Vinayaka!✨
I’ve always, always wanted to venture into digital art on a serious note, like you know, buying an iPad and pencil and doing it professionally on Procreate, unlike my earlier ones which were just done on the phone using my hand on random sketching apps. After years of saving up from my commissions and painting print sales, I was able to purchase an iPad of my own some two weeks back. Huge gratitude to Kuldeep Pai Anna, Sharanya Bharathwaj Akka and Sheela ma’am for initiating and helping me to start something I’ve been dreaming of for years.
Here is a small sketch I first tried on Procreate. This is an image I had drawn by hand for a Ganesha Chaturthi two years back, but wasn’t able to colour and finish it (no surprises there). Inspired by a wall painting on a temple that I pass by everyday on my way to dance class.
Hope to explore more and more in this style and execute all those ideas I’ve been storing in my to-draw list in both traditional and digital ways!♥️

“Shiv’inayaka” | Digital Art with Procreate
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